Why Groundbreaker?


Dedicated to helping residents of multifamily properties lead richer lives is “why” of Groundbreaker.


I have successfully flipped houses and purchased notes. 

These real estate strategies have led me to multifamily property investments. It is a long term team undertaking and can provide a real benefit in terms of increasing the number of residential units available to the public.

By doing so, Groundbreaker can not only generate returns for investors but also contribute to the US as a whole! 

Revenue Model

Our revenue model for investments is appreciation in the value of the multifamily property.

However, this site may also provide recommendations for products, education, and services. For items that are recommended, there are “affiliate” links to the product. Affiliate links in some cases provide revenue to the referring website – without changing the cost to the buyer. Please click on the affiliate links – we really appreciate it!  

Why This Is Best For You

In addition to residents, this site is dedicated to multifamily property sellers, buyers, and investors. The site will provide value-added blogs and links to resources over time. 

If you are interested in multifamily property investments, we would like to hear from you! It’s a team sport and we are always open to having more people join the team!