About Groundbreaker

Hello and welcome to the Groundbreaker website! 

Groundbreaker began as an investment club for flipping residential properties. Groundbreaker also invested in residential notes. The combination of property improvement and financial analysis lead to a natural evolution – multifamily property investments.   

Today, Groundbreaker invests in multifamily properties in a team approach. In fact, Groundbreaker is affiliated with Rod Khleif’s Warrior Program. Groundbreaker is building a network of investors, brokers, buyers, and sellers of multifamily properties. 

Groundbreaker invests in multifamily properties with the intent of improving the lives of residents. As of this writing, the focus is on properties near the border of California and Nevada, centering on Reno.

I am personally passionate about this focus since there is such a shortage of living units in the US. As part of investing, I hope to increase the number of livable units available to the public.  

Warmest regards, Michael