A California-based club but open to all

Groundbreaker Club LLC (“Groundbreaker”) is a California-registered LLC that specializes in Residential Real Estate Investing, Notes Investing, and Real Estate Education throughout the US.

Groundbreaker’s mission is to help families lead rich lives through savvy and fun real estate investing. Specifically, Groundbreaker helps by: 

  • Finding and vetting investments that have strong upside.
  • Assisting distressed property owners to find an exit that works for them.
  • Demystifying and helping to educate along the way!
  • Groundbreaker has proven experience in profitably investing in real estate in all markets – including downturns. 

What we do

How Groundbreaker Works


Groundbreaker is led by Michael Williams. Michael is a seasoned professional in name-brand high technology companies. 

Having improved his family’s life, he is leading Groundbreaker Club LLC to help other families improve their lives. 


Groundbreaker is a club of individuals with different investment goals.

​Each will engage on different projects according to their interests and skills.

Groundbreaker also utilizes a team of professional service providers across the US.  

Join the Club!

Groundbreaker is building a team of:

  • Buyers and sellers of real estate.
  • Active and passive investors.
  • ​​​Real estate financing providers.
  • Construction and rehab professionals.

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