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Making Package Management A Win-Win

Gains in online commerce are providing lucrative opportunities for theft by so called “porch pirates”. This is a growing concern for residents. However, package management can come at a significant cost to the property owner. This blog explores how this situation can be a win-win for residents and for property owners. 

What Is The Best Package Management for Multifamily Properties?

As online commerce grows in popularity, increasing numbers of packages are being delivered. Along with the rise in commerce, thefts by so-called “porch pirates” are rising. A recent article in the Multifamily Journal stated “In 2023, approximately 119 million packages valued at $8 billion were stolen from residences, with 32% of these thefts occurring in apartment settings.”[1]  

Concerns rise with the holiday season –’s annual survey for 2023 also concluded that “Ahead of the holiday season, 88 percent of adults are worried about theft of online purchases. More than a quarter are “extremely” or “very” concerned.”[2]

Options to Explore

There are numerous recommendations for increasing package security. This article on is a solid example.[3] They tend to revolve around increasing video surveillance, locking the door when there is a lobby, and adding a concierge. There is also a fourth option – installing a package locker. Highlights:

1. Locking the Lobby Door / Increasing Video Surveillance

Passive security concepts that include locking the door and increasing video surveillance are a good idea to increase security across the board. However, many properties do not have a central lobby or area that can be locked. A C+R Research study quoted by Brinto Security found that 52% of individuals who had a package stolen then installed a video camera found that it reduced future crime.[4] However, that means that 48% of individuals saw no benefit. 

2. Adding A Concierge

A concierge would be an additional security layer for a lobby. And, while in some properties a concierge would add additional benefits, to add a concierge just for packages would be a very high cost.  

3. Installing a Package Locker

There are a wide variety of package lockers, including those with self-service applications for mobile phones.[5] And, the cost of these lockers can be offset with a modest fee for renters that want to take advantage of the service. So, this option should be seriously investigated as a way to eliminate package theft. Most of us are more vulnerable in properties that we do not control such as dorms and hotels. As a result, this is a key safety area for worried parents and (often) carefree students. Safety needs to be easily applied and removed at need.  


Package theft is a huge problem at multifamily properties. Though it is no fault of the property owners and managers, theft can negatively impact renters’ perception of the property. While many forms of package management increase expense to the property, one option is a win-win: package lockers supported by a modest fee from renters. 

Further, there are a number of package locker options that are likely to work for most properties. Property owners should investigate these options today!    



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